About gridsquat

There are a lot of ways you can spend the time between all the boring or tedious obligations in life. I have been fortunate enough to live most of my life near one of the larger gliding clubs in the UK, London Gliding Club. If I'm not actually at the airfield my normal head direction is to be looking at the sky and wondering how strong the conditions are. Gliding has been where my time (and a not inconsiderable heap of money) has been spent in many of those in-between bits.

On a pleasant day when one might reasonably expect to go gliding everybody turns up early at the airfield, gets their gliders ready, packs maps and sandwiches and other sundry stuff and then tows their glider out to the launch area where the gliders are parked in rows forming a grid. Then everyone waits for the weather to behave like it said it would in the forecast. Launching when the sky is not yet ready simply increases that money heap without increasing the fun heap.

This hanging around period is generally known as a Gridsquat. Some people take the opportunity to re-check maps and so on. Some return to the clubhouse and sit around drinking tea and telling increasingly tall stories and others vigourously debate what other profitable avenues could be explored if we were not all sitting around in a field waiting for the weather forecast to be validated.

So here's my appropriately named other avenue.