Woodwork Articles

The modern world seems very much geared to quantity rather than quality and when the quality lets you down you simply replace the item in question. Most of my furniture has come from the predictable big stores but when the time comes for them to be replaced I don't want to get another short term thing, I want to have some furniture that lasts. So I'm intending to make it myself.

It was easy to make that plan but it will take some dedication to see it through. The second plan is that I will try to mostly use hand tools rather than power tools, also easy to say but requiring dedication to achieve. I am prepared to waver to a table saw or bandsaw for cutting big stock into smaller pieces but from then on it is going to be hand tools. Honest.

Job 1, a workbench. Without a reasonable bench you probably aren't going to make anything else. Jobs 2,3,4...., garden things like fences and raised flower beds. Generally these are rough wood and the accuracy although important is not as critical as indoor furniture pieces. You have chance to gain understanding of some of the tools and processes before heading indoors to more demanding work.

Listed below are articles about some of the pieces I have made.


Most workshops can benefit from a sturdy workbench

Hallway Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack