Computer Graphics Articles

Many years ago I thought I'd have a go at creating a pc game, something like Civilisation or Sim City or one of the Railroad or Rollercoaster tycoon types. The sort of game that had little characters interacting with each other and their surroundings. I needed a way to model the players and objects so I looked around for some economically priced (ie. free) tools that could help with this.

It was during this search that I found Blender. At about the same time the Blender Foundation released a short movie, Big Buck Bunny, which definitely appealed to my sense of humour. All thought of writing shedloads of code for a game went out of the window in favour of becoming the next Pixar.

I seem to spend waaaaaaay too much time watching tutorials on various websites rather than actually using this knowledge for anything constructive. To combat this lethargy I have decided to document some projects, maybe this will keep me focussed...

Lettie G Howard